We are offering polymer blends and alloys, specialty grade compounds, engineering plastics.  We use quality raw material and latest technology to produce  impeccable quality products. We are catering our quality products to various application areas like electrical & electronic, automobile, textile, telecommunication, consumer goods and light industries. 
Modified ABS - Synolac

Modified PC - Synonate

Modified Nylon 6 & 66 - Synlon
Modified POM - Synol
Modified PBT - Synlolate
Modified PP - Synofin
Modified SAN - Synsan
  Polymer Blend & alloys
Modified PVC/ABS - Synolac
Modified PC/ABS -  Synonate
Modified PC/PBT - Synolate
Modified PC/PET - Synolate
Modified PC/PO - Synofin
Modified PP/EPDM - Synofin
  Some of the distinguishing features are as following :
ROHS compliant compounds
Flame Retardant compounds - V0, V1, V2
Filled compounds - Glassfilled, Talc, Calcium carbonate etc
UV Resistant compounds
Thermoplastic Elastomers ( TPE's)
Colour matching over a very wide range of shades
Sophisticated Laboratory equipment for strict quality control
Consistent quality
State of the art production facilities
  In addition we are also providing Modified  POM/PU, Modified Polystyrene, Modified LLDPE, Modified LDPE, Modified PMMA etc
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